Koen Tangelder has been a shiatsu and bodywork practitioner for the last 10 years in Amsterdam. He is both dynamic and sensitive in his work with people, with attention to individual needs and concerns. In his practice, Koen sees people from diverse backgrounds, including coaches, managers and musicians, and anyone seeking support in the therapeutic process.

Koen is also a Shiatsu teacher and a certified instructor in Universal Tao and Dutch Healing Tao meditation. He offers courses in both Shiatsu and in Healing Tao, which includes body based exercises and meditations, grounded in ancient Chinese knowledge, which enhance all around health and promote inner peace.


Shiatsu is a form of Japanese massage, which focuses on the body's energy channels (meridians). Working on blocks in these channels frees and stimulates the flow of energy. Different kind of symptoms can be treated with Shiatsu, including migraines, RSI, back- and neck pains, and also digestive and emotional problems, including burnout.

Shiatsu works in a preventative way, stimulating the self-healing capacity of the body and providing relaxation and relief from stress. Sometimes a few sessions are enough for improvement, and sometimes a more extensive treatment regime might be necessary. During the treatment you wear loose clothing and it is helpful not to eat too much before a treatment.


In addition to traditional Shiatsu sessions, Koen also offers treatments using a mix of bodywork techniques, depending on your symptoms, and what you and your body needs. Techniques can vary from craniosacral work and energetic bodywork to Taoist organ massage, foot reflexology, and other related bodywork methods. If you are more in need of a Swedish massage or sports massage, this is also possible.
During the treatment, what matters most is what your body needs at that moment for you to return to the source of your own vitality.

Shiatsu Basic course

This course consists of eight weekly classes in which you become acquainted with the basics of Shiatsu. The emphasis is on practice. After completing this course, you will be able to give a simple but effective Shiatsu session to friends or members of your family.

An important part of the classes is the warming-up, in which we will practice meridian stretches and exercises for your hara (belly) to build up your energy level and vitality. In the course, and when you give or receive Shiatsu, you will wear loose clothes and work on a mat (futon) on the floor. At the start of the course, you will receive a reader with the most essential information and a description of the typical shiatsu treatment.

Healing Tao

Tao means 'the natural way'. Healing Tao comprises a whole system of body exercises and meditations directed toward health enhancement and personal growth. You will learn simple and effective ways to release body tensions and to bring your mind to rest. In this way you can come back to yourself and experience more energy.

Healing Tao is based on centuries old Taoist traditions from China that have been gathered and made more accessible for Western people by Mantak Chia (see www.universal-tao.com). Its roots are in the knowledge of what in Chinese medicine are called "the five elements". Taoists consider the human body as a reflection of the universe, with the same forces on an inner level as on the outer level. In the Healing Tao classes, we learn to experience this inner-outer connection.

Koen Tangelder

Koen's studies have covered many areas, including cultural anthropology at the University of Amsterdam (master degree 1989). He worked for some time as an editor and as a writer, which remains his passion, in addition to playing music. Koen continued in his studies by completing a three-year certification course in massage followed by three years of specialized training in zen-shiatsu, with Joyce Vlaarkamp in Amsterdam.

He was also inspired by 4-Dimensional Bodywork, and he completed the five-year program in bodywork and art of life taught by Tao-instructor Dirk Oellibrandt in Belgium.
He has also taken additional bodywork and psychosocial support related courses and workshops. Koen has been an ardent Healing Tao practitioner since 2001, and he was certified as an instructor in Holland. In 2008, he was also certified as a Universal Tao instructor by the founder of the Healing Tao system, Mantak Chia.


You can always contact Koen for more information about private shiatsu and bodywork sessions, as well as individual and group shiatsu and Healing Tao courses and workshops.

Praktijk voor Shiatsu, Lichaamswerk en Healing Tao is gevestigd in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland. Behandeling van migraine, rsi, rug- en schouderklachten en emotionele problemen. Verzorgt cursussen voor ontspanning, meditatie, gezondheid, energie en stressvermindering. Aanrader bij stress, migraine, depressie en burn-out.

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